Nandamuri Balakrishna is back with another action entertainer. Sathyadeva is making his directorial debut with Lion and Mani Sharma is the music director. Radhika Apte and Trisha Krishnan are the leading ladies opposite to Balayya. Let us get check the review to know about the film.

Story :-
Godsey (Balakrishna) goes into the coma and he is back to his senses after 18 month. He is surprised by the people around him in Mumbai and Godsey leaves to Hyderabad to know about his actual details. He comes across some strange incidents and all the proofs reveal that his name is Godsey. Things take a turn and our lead actor comes to know about his real identity. What happens after that? Who is the secret force behind this entire drama? All these threads unfold the actual story.

Analysis :-
To begin with, Balakrishna has selected a different script this time. The audience can see a powerful Balayya in Lion and at the same time, director Sathyadeva etched the story in a tricky way so that the suspense element play a major role in the film. At times, some might feel that this story has a close resemblance to Balakrishana’s previous films. However, Sathyadeva took a lot of care with the execution part. The are lot of flaws in the film but Balakrishna’s strong performance has out shadowed most of those things.

Performances :-
Balakrishna delivered another powerful performance in Lion. His body language in the first half is different and Balayya should be appreciated for accepting such a script. Trisha looked glamorous and she is a perfect pair for Balakrishna. Radhika Apte did her job. Prakash Raj, Jayasudha, Pradeep Rawat and others were good.

Technicalities :-
Mani Sharma is a major asset for Lion. His background score took the actions sequences into next level. The editing part was confusing at times. Sathyadeva scored marks for his story and dialogues but he should improve his directorial skills for sure.